Som Kapoor

Som Kapoor


About Me.

As a management consultant over the last 15 years and industry professional before that I had the pleasure of working with some of the best minds in the Automotive Industry in AIM and Overseas, thanks to this association I have been able to build a wide base of professional and personal friendships .

Being in the knowledge trade has helped me sharpen my skills with an wide array of topics like dealer management ( Sales / aftersales improvement / Financial improvement / Customer Experience / Future of Automotive Retail / Future of Mobility / Market Entry Strategies (New OEMs / Products / Services ( Cab / Ride Sharing) / Connected / Power train ( Hybrid / Electric) etc .

By doing all of this I have been able to generate value in terms of profitability for my firm / Value for clients and personal leadership for myself

Personal Information

  • NameSom Nath Vikas Kumar Kapoor
  • DOB25 November
  • ResidenceNew Delhi, India
  • Phone+91 98100 24855


Personal Life

Not a man of few words if u know me...
I love to travel, like to meet new people and learn from what life has to teach me...
Passionate about travelling and would love to imbibe the same in my kids .. nothing can teach us as much..
Food excites me ... and that ofcourse shows ... I believe its the mirror to the culture of the country...
Love my work too... Ofcourse that’s how I afford my expensive Taste for wine...
My LOVELY wife has managed to tame me to be a family man... a loved and pampered husband and a proud father of two beautiful sons...
Have always loved to watch and play sports….



Som Kapoor

New Thoughts Coming, The Old One's Are I Guess Old.

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